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Tuzzi Baking Company was founded in 1919 by Angelo and Maria Tuzzi. Tuzzi’s is a family owned and operated bakery located in Berwick, Pennsylvania. We have been baking bread and our fresh, dough original pizza for four generations. We specialize in Italian bread, rolls, our fresh dough pizza, pizza shells and pastries. 

Angelo Tuzzi came to America from Abruzzo, Italy when he was just 16 years old. Angelo got his first job at a bakery in the Bronx. Angelo was not fond of New York City, so he traveled to Berwick, Pennsylvania. Berwick was bursting with job opportunities at this time. Angelo found work helping a German baker in Berwick. While working there, Angelo met his wife Maria DiPaolo. Angelo and Maria wanted to embark on owning a bakery of their own but did not want to compete with their employer so they opened a bakery in Nanicoke.

After a couple of years, the German bakery closed so they came back to Berwick and operated Tuzzi’s Bakery out of their home on LaSalle Street. The location was right outside of the No. 2 gate of the AC & F.  AC & F workers would stop at the bakery after work to bring Home warm loaves of bread. They would also bring sandwich trimmings in their lunch box and purchase a warm, fresh loaf of bread at noon and make their sandwiches. After Word War II, Angelo and Maria moved the bakery two streets over to its current location, 504 Washington Street. In 1946, Angelo’s son, James J. Tuzzi Sr. operated the bakery after he was discharged from the U.S. Army. James Sr ran the business until he retired in 1969 when his son James, Jr. took over. 

Currently Tuzzi Baking Company is operated by James Tuzzi, Jr. with the help of his wife, Susie, his sister Cathy and his daughter Mary.

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